• Ten little pieces of art

Ten little pieces of art

One of the great things about this beautiful area is that the scenery, light, colours and tranquillity attracts many artists to come here to live and work. When we renovated the building we decided to decorate it with artwork exclusively from local artists and photographers, and we have some wonderful pieces which we continue to enjoy and which our guests often comment upon favourably.

Our guest room keys have up to now lived on cheap plastic fobs so we decided to upgrade them to something much nicer! We commissioned a talented local young artist, Laura Ellakirk, to produce something appropriate for us. To our delight she has created ten adorable mini pieces of art, which are made from shells collected on local beaches and set in resin. We think they are gorgeous and can’t wait to start using them!

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Rua Reidh Lighthouse; gloriously remote and isolated guest accommodation on the spectacular North West coast of Scotland.

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